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REV Finance Group Inc. is affiliated with a nationwide carrier, freight brokering operation and equipment leasing company. With over 25 years experience in factoring and more than 50 years in trucking we have the backgrounds and knowledge to help you succeed. We are here to help your business succeed with working capital, equipment, loads and even trailer leasing if you need it. In business it’s not what you know as much as who you know. Get to know us and you will find it very beneficial for you and your business.

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REV Finance Group Inc. provides full-service factoring, helping trucking companies get the cash flow they need. But that’s not all, we also make trucking expenses practicable.. Factoring is best known for turning freight bills into cash. When you factor with REV Finance Group, Inc. you also get immediate credit checks on your brokers and shippers. Once your freight bill is funded it is mailed to your customer and REV Finance Group Inc. will take it from there. 

We will contact the broker or customer when bills are not paid on time. This saves you from the hassle and gives you back the time to concentrate on what you do best – trucking. Best of all, we take the credit risk on your approved customers. If they go out of business we take the loss not you. We’re here to help you.

factoring other types of invoices

REV Finance Group Inc. also factors invoices for staffing companies, services businesses, manufacturers and distributors. If your terms to credit worthy customers are Net 30 days we can typically factor those invoices.

A great benefit to you is the ease in dealing with REV. You have the option to call, email, fax or present your requests for credit online. With the online account monitoring you have access to your account 24/7.

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